Student Athlete Training Academy

Whether your child is training for sport specific athletic endeavors, academic requirements, weight management or simply to improve their fitness the OptimisSport PT’s Student Athlete Training Academy is a safe, effective alternative to those outdated programs of our youth.   Our Training Academy is for Boys and Girls, ages 12-18, of all abilities training for sport or life.  You don’t have to be an athlete to train and feel like one!


Our children face increasingly more and more pressure both athletically and academically.  Some pressure and competition can be healthy when it is well balanced for both the body and mind as humans have shown to be able to strive in this type of environment.  Giving our children the necessary tools to handle these pressures starts with a healthy body and mind.  At these ages our children are going through changes resulting from chemicals in the body such as human growth hormones.  We can take advantage of this time to improve strength and lean fat-burning muscle, increase balance, speed and agility.  All of which help to strengthen the mind by being simply healthier, stronger and a having greater sense of self-worth.

Our academy includes a strength and flexibility program to aid in injury prevention as well as increased performance and overall physical and mental well-being.  This program is based in the scientific method of Periodized training and developed by professional physical therapists, exercise physiologists and our own credentialed trainers.  Periodization training is not a new concept and has been utilized by endurance and elite athletes for many years.  Simply, the concept utilizes the human physiology and how it reacts to stresses introduced to the body.  When stressors are added the body, our natural hormones react to aid in improved function, increased strength, stability and recovery.


Our trainers focus on safe and effective training and rely on science to help improve the fitness level of your child.  This includes scheduled recovery time as well as a proper stretching routine in addition to a living training program that changes as needed to meet the needs of your child as they progress.  Stop by or call to speak to one of our professionals and see how we can help the children in our community.


90-minute classes – Date and Time TBD


*Metabolic testing and Nutritional programs available for all students.