Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

What is Resting Metabolic Rate Testing?

The RMR test will let you know if your metabolism is slow, normal or fast. It also provides an accurate and scientifically-based calculation of the number of calories you burn each day while at rest, giving you the opportunity to plan your caloric intake and exercise routine for maximum results. It will help you determine how many calories you need to take in to fuel your workouts (avoiding burnout or upset stomach) and lose or maintain weight without compromising (slowing it down) your metabolism. It also helps determine what type of fuel (fats or carbohydrates) you are burning at rest and what you need to do to speed up your metabolism. Knowing how much to eat when it comes to performance and/or weight loss can be tricky. You must eat enough calories for daily activities and to keep your metabolism active while creating a deficit. Most of the time people will train and hold onto fat instead of burning it. This medically based 20 min breath test is NOT an estimate and you will know exactly how many calories your body expends at rest in a 24- hour period.

Why should you choose us for Resting Metabolic Rate Testing?

Learn About your Metabolism Rate

Reach your Weight Loss Goals

Discover your Unique Nutritional Needs

How can OptimisSportPT help you recover?

At OptimisSportPT, we know that healthy, strong patients recover faster from life’s challenges. That’s why we’ve designed treatments and programs to help empower you to make healthier choices, every day. Our experts can evaluate your fitness and create a supervised exercise and nutrition program just for you. We’ll show you how to boost your unique metabolism, burn calories, add muscle, and eat better — while having fun doing it.

What benefits does Resting Metabolic Rate Testing provide?

Learn the Speed of Your Metabolism

Know Exactly How Many Calories You Burn

Develop Your Perfect Workout to Lose Weight

Learn to Raise Your Metabolism

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