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About OptimisSportPT Therapy

At OptimisSportPT, our physical therapists are educated to create a customized program tailored to your specific needs. We use evidence-based science of movement and function – the keys to health and wellness. In collaboration with your doctor, programs are custom designed and guided to address prescribed condition, setting personal goals, and monitoring progress

Our Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of treatment methods for injuries, conditions, and illnesses. At OptimisSportPT, we focus not only on treating your condition, but also on helping you prevent future injuries from taking pace.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

We treat patients with a variety of orthopedic conditions, such as neck pain, rotator cuff tear, frozen shoulder, low back pain, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, hip bursitis, patellofemoral pain, meniscus tear, Achilles tendinitis, and osteoarthritis.

Body Mechanics and Ergonomics Training

Proper technique is vital when we are performing tasks such as lifting, vacuuming, sweeping, washing dishes, reaching for objects, etc. Poor technique can lead to low back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain – to name a few. You may have heard the phrase, “Lift with your legs, not your back.” Do you know exactly what this means? How do we lift properly with our legs?

Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Many people understand the need for physical therapy after surgery. However, did you know that physical therapy could be important even before surgery? It is important to be as strong and mobile as possible up until the day of surgery.

Posture Education

The way we position ourselves throughout the day can have a big impact on our joints, ligaments, and muscles. Your therapist will educate you on proper posture during tasks such as sitting, standing, walking, and sleeping. Muscle flexibility, joint mobility, and muscle strength may also play an important role in our posture.

Balance Training

Everyone has a risk of falling – some have a higher risk than others. As our bodies get weaker, our balance may also deteriorate. According to the CDC, one out of five falls causes a serious injury, such as a broken bone or head injury. Each year, 2.9 million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries. More than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling – usually by falling sideways.

Walking and Running Gait Assessment

The way in which we walk or run can affect our entire body. Your therapist will conduct a gait assessment, which you will then be able to see our on screen television. Using technology for seeing joint angles and alignments, you will be educated on what impairments are leading to symptoms or dysfunction. Appropriate stretches, exercises, and/or manual therapy will then be provided in order to correct your movement patterns.

Our Wellness Program Services

Wellness Programs

OptimisSportPT has many services and programs available to the community to help build and maintain mobility and a healthy life. Some of the Wellness Programs offered include: Cardiovascular Risk Assessment, Sports Training and Readiness Testing, Resting Metabolic Rate Testing, VO2 Max Testing, Personal Training, Senior Stretch Class, and Student Athlete Training. Our talented physical therapists will help you decide which of these programs will benefit you best and help you achieve your physical goals!

Personal Training

Our personal training services consist of our cardiovascular program and our strength and flexibility program focused on helping you reach your goals and be in great shape and healthy while doing it!

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

A non-invasive way of assessing your risk for developing cardiovascular disease. This includes a 10 minute questionnaire combined with a physical measures assessment (Waist to Hip Ratio, VO2 field test, Blood Pressure, BMI) that has been correlated with increased cardiovascular risk. 

Sports Training and Readiness Testing

This assessment is a series of research-based physical measures that assess your general function, used to discover and correct impairments that lead to injury.  We will help you determine the next safe steps to take toward wellness that is unique to your body and life journey.

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

The RMR test will let you know if your metabolism is slow, normal or fast. It also provides an accurate and scientifically-based calculation of the number of calories you burn each day while at rest, giving you the opportunity to plan your caloric intake and exercise routine for maximum results. 

VO2 Max Testing

Have you ever wondered how effective your training/workout routine is? By conducting VO2 tests we can accurately gauge the results your training is producing and make adjustments accordingly. Vo2 testing reveals the exercise level that will optimize your ability to burn fat and to increase cardio strength.

Accepted Insurances

We accept most insurances. You may contact us for more information or to see if your insurance is accepted.